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Every moment is important, increasing well-being by working with all aspects of the individual rather than the illness

There are two models of  work that underpin our interventions and approach to care that is;

  •  The Senses Framework (Nolan at al, 2006) - which is

Sense of Security - Feel safe, free from harm , threat, pain and discomort

Sense of Continuity - Value of personal biography - their life - consistent care

Sense of Belonging - connections with friends, family, social life to be part of the community

Sense of purpose - to be useful, to be able to choose

Sense of achievement - to feel satisfied with ones effort - doing things on their own - empowerment

Sense of significance - to feel recognised, valued as a person, 'I matter'.


  • Kitwoods Enriched model of Dementia which is;

Dementia = Neurologial impairment (Diagnosis) + Health and Physical illness+ Biography (life history)+ Personality + Social Psychology 


Even though Kitwood's model focus on Dementia, its a good model in all care settings as it focuses on the whole person rather than the label of their diagnosis or impairment


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KMX Nursing Agency Ltd Registered Office address is CPL House, Ivy Arch Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN14 8BX Telephone Number:01903 910035